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    My first time playing in Nashville came with a surprise. At the beginning of the second song of my set, there was a loud booming sound that erupted behind the stage I was playing on. At this point everyone from that direction started running toward the exits of the mall, including myself laying my guitar on the steps of the stage. A few minutes go by and I soon find out that a man had busted out a window at a restaurant near the performance. Had gotten on stage and threw all of the equipment off. Which included speakers, a mic and stand, a background stand, my guitar case and broke my guitar by slamming it to the floor. Fortunately no one was harmed! At the end of the whole situation the @pcguniversal team, @paigekeinermusic and her father decided that the show must go on. After picking up/setting all of the equipment up plus @paigekeiner lending me her guitar for the rest of the set. We all finished strong! There were so many kind and loving families approaching me with tips to try and compensate for the incident that occurred, also some offering their own guitars. I appreciate all of the support you guys! I hope the man who did this gets only uplifted and receives help to get through the troubles he may be facing.
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    One of my favorite John Mayer songs. #WhyGeorgia #Throwback
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    Just a cover before class #feelitcoming #theweeknd
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    Another great trip to Nashville! #PCG
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    One of my favorite covers that I'm working on! #Apologize #OneRepublic
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    First of many
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    One of my favorite covers! #ComeOnGetHigher
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    Enjoying the Holiday Season
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    It's great to be back for the holidays #DG
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    Little sample of a cover I enjoy playing #DrunkOnYourLove
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    First Fall game in the books
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    Listen to my latest song! It is one of my originals. The link is in my bio. Thank you all it means a lot to me! ☺️